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One who has it just wishes the acne to disappear overnight. But that is not a possibility. No matter how irritating and inconvenient, it’s a skin condition which makes pimples, black heads, white heads, pustules etc., appear on the skin. It happen s when the pores on the skin surface are clogged. Though it can occur at all ages it is mostly common among teenagers. Soaps do have a role to play in acne treatment.

It is common for people who use acne soap to experience dry skin. But this perception that oil or sebum is solely responsible for acne is incorrect. Even if there is excess oil, if the glad opening is clear it will flow away and acne will not form. Hence, harsh soaps are ultimately of no use against acne. Nor will moisturizer soap help because that is solely to keep one’s skin hydrated.

What can actually help is a neutral soap with a pH of 7. Soaps that are acidic will only result in irritation. A soap that actually cleanses are cleans one’s skin is rather helpful. Even though soap may not be a direct treatment for acne it can effectively clear the surface so that the medication can reach deep into the skin which in turn can result in faster cure. There are many kinds of soaps available in the market these days especially dedicated to the cure of acne, are medically treated and have contents which fight the root cause of acne development and thus, decrease the growth of acne.

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Another commonly used treatment for acne is black soap. Its natural ingredients like shea butter vitamin A, vitamin E, herbs, coconut, iron etc. have properties that actually benefit the skin and tend to improve conditions for people who have acne.

Benzoyl peroxide is one of the most commonly used substances in acne soaps. Its antibacterial comedonal properties are quite beneficial. Sulphur is also an important ingredient. The soap with sulphur properties generally comes with a five to ten percent concentration of keratolytic agents. The dead cells are exfoliated off the epidermis by this. This makes the upper layer of the skin clean and fresh.

However, ultimately acne problems differ with different persons and their skin’s properties and qualities. There is no known common treatment for acne and it should also be noted that it is directly related to other things like liver condition and diet hence soap might only help to cure it but generally it cannot be the only remedy.


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