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When it comes to shoes, there are no shoes that are more elegant and versatile than leather boots. Leather boots have been the choice of shoes for years and go just as well with a t-shirt and jeans, as with formal pants and a jacket. It is a quality choice of shoes that offers long-term comfort, style and use.

It is important to know that not all leather boots are created equal. And with so many leather boot options available, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. In this article, we will cover the different types of boots and top brands, so you can easily rest knowing that you are walking the streets with the best boots for you.

Different types of leather shoes
While leather boots can come in a variety of shapes and designs, what sets them apart is the leather from which they are made. Skin is an absolute term as it includes a range of skins, tanning methods, and treatments. Here are the most common shoe skins you will find:

Rough outer skin
Hard skin is the underside of untreated skin, so the skin remains intact. It is a thick, solid skin that is well worn and does not require much maintenance. This boot can be a popular military and mountaineering boot and offers a slightly more sporty style.

Naturally treated leather
Treated leather is leather made from a tanning process that includes plant material and tree bark. It is a stiff, natural skin color, although this skin naturally darkens over time. These boots are great for casual wear, but they can shrink and become brittle if wet.

Suede leather uses the skin side as flesh, but the skin is smoothed and smoothed, which makes it thin and soft. Suede is a light, elegant material that works well for summer and spring fashion. It is important to know, however, that the texture of the suede makes it a sponge for dirt and water, so proper care is required.

In general, most leather products will have the quality of leather stamped on it. There are three types of leather quality: genuine leather, leather and whole leather.

Genuine leather
Genuine leather is the cheapest and lowest quality of all three skin types. It is usually found in belts and other leather products in a low price range. This leather is usually made with various layers of leather that have been glued together with glue.

Full-Grain Leather
Full-grain leather uses the whole grain of the skin, with the imperfections and durability of the original leather. It is known as the best and highest quality leather choice, but it is significantly more expensive than the other two skin types. But it does take a long time, so it is often worth the investment.

Where does the skin come from?
Most boots use calfskin because they have tighter grain and fiber than cow dung. Here you will find boots made of genuine calfskin. Other animal skin types include:

Beef skin (cattle skin)
Cord shell (horse)
Pork skin (pig)

It is important to know that shoes often use leather in the following areas:

The outsole of the shoe
The insole of the shoe
The heel of the shoe
The upper part of the shoe (the rest of the shoe)
When considering your options, consider which parts of the boots are made of leather, what the leather quality is and how they are made.
On our workprom.com page we describe the material of the shoes

How to take care of your boots
Leather boots are an economical investment, so it is important to take proper care to ensure long-term use.

Waterproof your boots
The skin is extremely sensitive to water damage, so if you do not seal your boots, they will stain, break or wear out quickly. You need to go buy waterproofing spray, use it on your boots, and then let them dry overnight. And if your shoes get wet, just wipe them off, level them and let them dry overnight.

Clean them regularly
If you want to keep your shoes in good condition, make sure you clean them regularly. To do this, simply wipe your shoes with a damp cloth to clean the dirt. If they get dirtier, be sure to clean them immediately to avoid stains.

Save them properly
If you want your boots to last a long time, you need to store them properly. Keep them in a room temperature that is not exposed to direct sunlight. If you do not, the color of the boots could fade over time and the skin could shrink.

Final thoughts
Leather boots are an investment, but an elegant and long-lasting one. By following these tips, tricks and best practices you can find a pair of leather boots that you love and use them for years to come.

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