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Congratulations! You two have decided it’s time to get married. Now, you don’t know how you’re ever going to get all the preparations done in time. There seems so much to do, and you’re beginning to wonder if you haven’t both forgotten something vital! That’s where Artmotion Shopping Center comes in.


One of the most enduring parts of any traditional wedding and reception is guests being given wedding favors. The idea is essentially a small gift given to each attending guest, as a thank you for sharing in the couple’s big day. The favors are traditionally small and inexpensive, and are designed to last or to be enjoyed.
The classic wedding favor is sugared almonds, usually in a small presentation box which is topped with a bow. These are left at the place setting for each guest, and can either be eaten following the reception meal or taken home as a keep sake as almonds do not go off. If you like the idea of sugared almonds are your wedding favors, then carry on and enjoy them. If, however, you a searching for something a little more modern, you will soon discover there is a whole market based around wedding favors.


Bridal shoes are, by and large, some of the most tempting designs of footwear that any woman will ever get the chance to peruse. Usually made from rich fabrics, beautiful colors and decorated with all manner of jewels and adornments; bridal shoes can turn most women into a shoe girl. Even the extreme high class designers, such as Jimmy Choo and Miu Miu, have a range of shoes designed to make a girl feet special on her wedding day.
Yet there is something that must be considered by every bride when it comes to selecting shoes for the wedding: try and remember how much time you are going to be spending on your feet. It is easy to be – literally – dazzled by the array of pretty, feminine bridal shoes, but unfortunately most come complete with at least a three-inch heel or straps that are almost guaranteed to chafe.
When it comes to shoe shopping for the wedding, keep a firm list of how much time you will actually be required to stand up in those shoes. This includes getting to the ceremony, the ceremony itself – which in a religious ceremony can take over an hour – signing the register, getting to the reception, dancing… the list goes on. Essentially, it’s going to be a tough day for your feet and unless you are accustomed to wearing high, uncomfortable shoes for that length of time, you need to be careful.


There is said to be a moment in every woman’s life, as she stands before a mirror in a wedding dress shop, and all suddenly feels right with the world. She is at one with the gown she is wearing, and she knows in her heart of hearts – just as she did with her husband to be – that this is the gown for her.
While this sounds wonderful and romantic, and there is undeniably some truth in it, the whole tale can actually make things worse for brides who are struggling to find their wedding dress. The big, white gown is one of the most enduring images of a wedding, and many brides have been thinking of the kind of thing they want since they were a small child.
Yet no one looks at the search for a wedding gown in its true light: this is one of the most stressful decisions, particularly in terms of clothing, that most women will ever have to make. The wedding gown will be looked at and scrutinized by all guests, it will be there in the photographs for years to come and it needs to feel and look right for the bride. Finding something that is applicable for all of these uses can be a deeply upsetting experience, particularly if that utter sense of “just knowing” doesn’t happen.


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